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Nutrition Workshops

Fun Fitness Workshops

Fun Fitness Workshops


Mindset Mastery Workshops

Health and Nutrition Workshops

Our health and nutrition sessions promise to educate children to make positive food choices for life!

Activities at Strawberry Rose Farm
Our Health & Nutrition workshops are fully engaging and extremely hands on! Children partake in a carousel of fun, practical healthy living and nutrition activities which guarantee to get their brain juices flowing!!


Problem Solving at Strawberry Rose Farm
Pupils are challenged beyond their existing health and nutrition knowledge via problem solving, enquiry based learning activities and by answering thought provoking questions.


Wellbeing at Strawberry Rose Farm
Our fitness sessions promise to take children out of their comfort zone and leave them craving more!!!


Fitness at Strawberry Rose Farm
Our Fun Fitness Sessions are designed to give all pupils a full body workout combined with key messages about the importance of keeping healthy.


Keeping Healthy at Strawberry Rose Farm
We provide exciting, adrenaline packed, non stop, sweat inducing fitness sessions that educate children about the importance of staying healthy and participating in daily exercise activities.

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