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At Strawberry Rose Farm we pride ourselves in offering Wellbeing workshops and advice that offers a whole person approach.

It is our philosophy that by looking after the wellbeing of yourself and/or your team of staff, you will in turn create an environment of positive, healthy, happy people. It is extremely important for staff to feel valued and for them to understand that the company that they work for is fully supportive of them as a valued member of the team.

Contact us now to discuss your tailormade workshops to best improve wellbeing within your workplace.

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Book in for a personalised nutrition plan, Taylor-made just for you and receive coaching from our mind, body and nutrition coach, Caroline.

What do our workshops cover:

The inability to relax and enjoy free time outside of work can contribute significantly to stress and issues with mental health. A 2015 report from large corporate companies found that 34% of people admit they are too tired to enjoy life outside of work because of the pressures of their jobs.
Employers of all sizes and industry sectors can take steps to becoming a ‘healthy workplace’ – a place where healthy choices are facilitated – using the principles of the Workplace Wellbeing Charter.
We all know that eating better makes our bodies healthier, but it also makes us feel emotionally well and less tired – things we could all do with feeling at work, and things that are beneficial for our physical and mental health. And it’s easier than you think. With a little planning, you can combine cooking healthy evening meals at home with your lunch preparation – making you feel organised, fulfilled and motivated at work the next day. In this session we share some of our healthy favourite Evening meals and lunches.
Employee burnout is when an employee feels physically and mentally exhausted as a result of prolonged stress at work. As there is currently no widely accepted tool to measure burnout, it can be difficult to categorise, but is generally recognised as ‘a state of vital exhaustion’. Our workshops offer advice on ways to avoid burnout and as always promote prevention of such.
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Contact us now to discuss your tailormade workshops to best improve wellbeing within your workplace.